We seek the right person for the right job.
We carefully screen and test potential candidates through our own facilities and those of our affiliates such as trade testing centers, medical and neuro-testing facilities. Training and orientation sessions are conducted to improve the applicant's capability. And as much is possible, we are giving in evaluation to help them prepare for their job and to look into the applicants' educational, employment, family and social background, including moral ascendancy.

Establish qualified manpower pool.
Realizing the exigencies of fast manpower search we have list of personnel ready to apply upon our notice. When special personnel are not readily available, we undertake a massive information campaign through the media and other means, to find the right person.

We undertake fast deployment.
In order to allow the successful candidate to start working at designated schedule, we waste no time in coordinating with various aspects of documentation.

We undertake meaningful orientation.
We firmly believe in a well-motivated workforce who are physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally stable, for them to deliver productivity. They should know before hand what to expect from their employment, including an insight with the culture of the host country. Most importantly, they should be imbibed with the virtues of hard work, discipline, honesty and to be a law-abiding contract worker. Our aim is to achieve harmony in the work places and that all parties are satisfied.


We undertake post-deployment services.
As much as possible, our services to the workers even after deployment is a continuing process. More often than not and borne out of our genuine concern with people, we do give counseling to the workers and also to their families for whatever services we can do for them. Also during employment, problems sometimes arise ringing from homesickness and incompatibility with their employers. Employers may find their workers less satisfactory than they think, the same is true with the workers, we try to smooth out such problems with our wealth of experience that leads to satisfactory solutions. This is a rare feature in the recruitment industry.


We undertake to continually upgrade our facilities to be attuned to the sophisticated needs with modern communications and to allow better and faster transmittal of vital messages - whether within our organization or with the outside world.